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 It's 2014, but.. is this DAL Community still going on?

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PostSubject: It's 2014, but.. is this DAL Community still going on?   Sun 11 May - 0:29:39

I knew DAL through asiasoft just like many of you during 2008, but I never had the chance to play it on time because my computer couldn't support the game and I think 2008 was the year the game was pulled off.

I've peeped around the forums and noticed that most posts and threads date back to 2008. It's already been  6 years, is the game still going strong? Very eager to play if it possible, always wanted try Lobelia. Anyways, let me know. I'm from SEA as well Smile.
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PostSubject: Re: It's 2014, but.. is this DAL Community still going on?   Sun 18 May - 4:34:59

Wow, I have never expected that there is someone who never played before and still remember DAL. What a surprise  Very Happy 

Unfortunately, if you had read more, you would have realised that the game had died in 2008 due to some unsaid reasons (probably financial problems met by the creator NLogSoft). This sparked great disappointment and emotions among us.

And besides, I am probably the only one left lurking around in this forum occassionally. There is another DAL website/blog made by Teh777 that you can visit: http://evostoning.blogspot.sg/ and also his youtube channel which has some DAL videos.

You can also visit mine for listening to the soundtracks available: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=c4-feed-u&list=PLPrbWkJiUnSQrHodNoWf5yIIJn3vqLgws

You can pm me in youtube or reply here if you need any help regarding DAL, or questions to ask Smile
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It's 2014, but.. is this DAL Community still going on?
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