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 DAL Game Files Unpacker

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PostSubject: DAL Game Files Unpacker   Thu 28 Jul - 20:39:39

DAL Unpacker
While none of us are working on DAL anymore, here is my last effort in reverse engineering. You can unpack any .drp game files from DAL and it will extract all individual files. You will get to see all individual .dds textures and .ogg sound files. This means all the textures (floors, heroes, user interface, loading screens), icons and graphics used for maps and heroes can be retrieved. You can view .DDS texture files using software like IrfanView. As for 3D models, it is most likely proprietary and I don't know what 3D software can open it. If any of you do manage to open the 3D files, you can consider re-creating the game.

How to Use
1. Extract and run dal-unpacker.exe.
2. Click Browse and choose a location to unpack files to.
3. Click Choose Files if selecting individual .drp files, or click Choose Folder if selecting a folder containing .drp files.
4. After a file or folder is selected, the unpacking process will begin. If many files are selected, it may appear to freeze but is actually running.
5. When it is done, it will output to message log. You can now go to the unpacked location to find the files.

Download: http://mojo10.synology.me/~lemoney/files/dal-unpacker-v1.0.zip
Source Code: https://github.com/RailKill/dal-unpacker
DAL Game Client: https://www.mediafire.com/?28pk1z9jg6xt7
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PostSubject: Re: DAL Game Files Unpacker   Tue 20 Sep - 13:40:34

wow sorry but I am unable to help in this area. Thanks for reverse engineering every time though haha. Being able to bypass the patch and watch replays was the best thing ever. In the blink of an eye, 8 years have passed; I still drop by here occasionally (look at me coming here in september while you posted in july lol), and it is good to see you again.
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DAL Game Files Unpacker
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