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 Guide To My Dorothy

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PostSubject: Re: Guide To My Dorothy   Mon 2 Jun - 16:25:55

Ronaldo pwns =/ . Pwns his team =/ . thats all he pwns and pala , this ain't a debate forum , so your defence was not really needed , just crack jokes =/ . no need so serious de ok ? if u wan debate lai debate wif me =/ i'm bored nowadays . Blacklord , might change the title of ur Guide to , Item List . Its rather less , misguided.


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PostSubject: Re: Guide To My Dorothy   Mon 2 Jun - 21:47:26

Silent ~ O.o = = lol
Bodhi ~ stick with the team and play as a farmer at the beginning. I only get AS when I have excess money or else I'll always play full dmg.And yeah Doro is a early game hero she owns and keeps her enemies low lv without ani $$ so she can pwn more thats y i dont think AS is neccesary heh~Just my point of view

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Guide To My Dorothy
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