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 Ghost Hound(Full Information)

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PostSubject: Ghost Hound(Full Information)   Sun 27 Apr - 23:33:29


Reality is a dream, the dreams of the night are real.

In the world of Utsushiyo (reality), the development of an electronic
brain far far away and long ago allows two different worlds to overlap.

Within the last vestiges of Japan`s raw landscape, lies a small coastal
town. In it live three middle school students: Komori Tarou, Ogami
Makoto, and Nakajima Masayuki. Each holds within them a unique past
that cannot be erased.

Once more, but by different causes, three people learn that by the
extraction of one`s soul, the coming and going between Utsushiyo and
Kakuriyo (hidden world) is possible. Amidst the boys` adventure in
Kakuriyo, they come to understand where it is is connected to.

An eternal spiritual story is offered to the adults who possess the minds of boys.

At last, this fall, the curtain will rise!

Storyline And Setting

The series is set in the modest town of Suiten, located in a remote mountain region in the island of Kyushu,
and follows three boys who have each had traumatic encounters in their
childhood and learn to transfer their souls into a parallel world known
as the "Unseen World". The Unseen World is however undergoing a change,
with its ghosts starting to appear in the real world, which is
therefore also being subject to changes.


Taro Komori
Ryoya Komori
Miki Komori
Makoto Ogami
Himeko Ogami
Masayuki Nakajima
Yasuhiro Nakajima
Miyako Komagusu
Takahito Komagusu
Atsushi Hirata
Naoto Kaebara
Kei Yakushi
Reika Otori
Michio Hoshino
Motoi Yazaki

List Of Episodes

1.Lucid Dream
2.E.M.D.R. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
3.Phobia Exposure
4.Altered States Of Consciousness
5.O.B.E. Out Of Body Experience
6.Brain Homunculus
7.L.T.P. Long Term Potentiation
8.Revolution Of Limbic System
9.Existential Ghost
10.Affordance/T.F.T. Through Field Therapy
11.Syntax Error
12.Homeostasis Synchronization
13.For the Snark was a Boojum, you see
14.Emergence Matrix
15.Toward An Abandoned City
16.Hopeful Monster
17.Implicate Order
18.Holographic Paradigm
20.Shaman's District
21.Stochastic Resonance

Enjoy the show guys


I will stay with you....
Till the ends of time...
I will die with you...
At the ends of time...
I will forever be with you...
By your side...
You will never be...
Alone or sad again...
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Ghost Hound(Full Information)
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